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I'm a data scientist and a software developer with a diverse set of experience that runs the gamut from building NLP APIs in Python, to doing research at the intersection of economics and machine learning, to building full-stack JavaScript web apps. If my experience sounds like a good match for you, feel free to get in touch!

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The decision boundary of a machine learning classification algorithm

Modle: The ML Guessing Game

A game where you are shown the decision boundary of a classification algorithm and have to guess which algorithm did the classification.

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A complex graph with hundreds of nodes and thousands of edges between them

Debunked! -- Modelling the LOCO Conspiracy Corpus

A text analysis of thousands of conspiracy theory articles in the LOCO Conspiracy Corpus with the goal of identifying how different conspiracy theories are linked together.

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A scatter plot of orange points with a red regression line running through it

Regression API

A Flask API which lets you uplaod two variables in CSV or TSV form and run a linear regression on them.

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Starry Night

A JavaScript copy of the After Dark Starry Night screensaver.

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The Price of War

The Price of War is an interactive map built with d3 and Datamaps that illustrates the role of the U.S. in the global arms trade from 2001 to 2016. It uses data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute's arms Transfer Database.

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PollyDarton -- NLP-Driven Data Curation for Polymer Nanocomposite Data Resources

Research applying NLP techniques to the classification of sentences in materials science papers with the eventual aim of helping to automate the discovery of polymer recipes.

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